March 3, 2011

“You are Special” by Max Lucado

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My eldest son is in grade four and recently attended an assembly at school to celebrate “kindness week”.  At the assembly, a teacher read aloud the book “You are Special” by Max Lucado.  It made enough of an impression on the eldest for him to not only pay attention (ha!) but recount the story when he got home.  (He did this on a long skate we shared.  I think skating, like driving, is a great time to talk to a child.  Too bad I am so out of shape that skating winds me after about 4 minutes.  Fortunately, the eldest is in better shape so he talked and I listened.  He probably enjoyed the fact I couldn’t interrupt him.  Interesting to ponder that… )

The book tells the tale of the Wemmicks, a world of wooden puppet-people created by Eli.  The Wemmicks walk about putting stickers on each other– gold stars or gray dots.  Punchinello is covered in gray dots, a fate that falls on those who are neither attractive nor talented in the eyes of other Wemmicks.  Over the course of the story, Punchinello learns how to believe he is special.

When I gasped out a request that the eldest tell me the moral of the story, he first summarized it this way:  “Some friends will give you pieces of paper, and others an Xbox, but both may like you just the same amount.”

NATCH.  There are no Xboxes in the Wemmick-world.  Of this I am sure.

So he reframed and proved he got the point– worth comes from within, and the gray dots and gold stars only matter to those affixing them.  We need to believe in ourselves and not define ourselves by our stickers.  Or something like that.  😉

This is a lesson his mother needs to learn.  So we have the book on order.  It comes highly recommended.


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