March 5, 2011

The Express Line

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I just came back from the grocery store on a busy Saturday afternoon on a mad dash for a bag of green lentils for a recipe I hope to make tomorrow.  As I stood in the express line (1-8 items), I marveled at the oddities that people make specific trips to the store to get.  The very hip looking woman in front of me had three gourmet dark chocolate bars (a completely understandable express-need!) and two boxes of vegetable biryani paste.  Two boxes?  The man in front of her had one tub of yogurt.  Behind me, a very elderly gentleman had a carton of no-name butterscotch ice cream.  I later saw him walking home in the pouring rain, clutching the ice cream under his coat.  A young girl, busy texting the entire wait, had a bag of baby carrots.

I love inspecting other people’s grocery carts.  Sometimes I see things I never knew existed, or would never have thought to buy.  I have been known to ask fellow shoppers what the intended use of a particular item might be.  Until I started hiding bacon underneath the tofu and broccoli, I used to feel so virtuous at the vegetarian fare that filled my cart.  Until I had children, I used to flaunt my non-processed, non-boxed, non-frozen freshness.

Grocery shopping is entertainment.  I wonder what the express 1-16 line is like?


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