February 25, 2011

My favourite…

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1.  Author:  Guy Gavriel Kay, and especially his “Lions of Al Rassan”.

2.  Movie:  “Sleepless in Seattle”.  And then “Love Actually”.

3.  Tea:  Mint.

4.  Wine:  Gewurztraminer.

5.  Child:  My caring, sensitive eldest.  And my stubborn, charming middle.  And my adorable, funny youngest.

6.  Television Show:  “The West Wing”.

7.  Food:  cheese.  (That surprised me right there.  I wasn’t expecting to say that.)  And then “ice cream” (Phew.  Now that feels more like me.)

8.  City:  Paris.  I think.  That’s of the places I’ve been.  Or perhaps Rome.  Or maybe San Francisco.

9.  Website:  “The Pioneer Woman”.

10.  Season:  Fall.


February 23, 2011

Difficult Things

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A list of some weirdly difficult decisions after a separation:

1.   Does the ex get a colourful birthday sticker on the family calendar, the way the other family members do?

2.  If we aren’t friends in real-space, are we facebook friends?  Twitter followers?  Skype buddies?

3.  Where do I put the wedding ring once it is off my finger?  What will I do with it?

4.  Do I change the cute, historic nickname on my cell to a more impersonal one?

5.  In scanning the family photo albums, so that we each have copies, do I scan the photos of the ex?  The ones of us together?  The ones of us as a family?

6.  Am I allowed to ask the ex for help with my computer?  My car?  The taxes?

7.  Do I continue to use the cheques with both our names on them?  Is it cheap to wait til they run out before ordering new ones?

8.  Do I have to tell our dentist or can I just say the ex is fine?

9.  When I make his favourite recipe– the one he can’t make himself, should I drop off leftovers?  Is it fair that he never gets to eat that dish again?

10.  How do I answer the question, “When did I stop loving you”?  Did I ever love you?  What did that feel like?  Did I ever stop?  How do I know?


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