February 23, 2011

The “Ick” Factor

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I love to have my house cleaned by professionals.  I love pedicures.  Both of these things make me feel pampered and good about myself.  Yet, I must admit, I am uncomfortable with the idea of someone else cleaning up my mess.  I am also uncomfortable with making someone touch my feet.  I think it is because I can’t see myself being able to do either job.  The “ick” factor is just too high for me.

I usually leave my house when my cleaner is there.  I feel compelled to explain to her as I leave that I am “really busy today” and I always apologize that the house is “messier than I would like it to be”.  She can’t possibly believe or care about either fumbled excuse.  I have never had the nerve to ask her whether she enjoys her job.  Perhaps there is real satisfaction in making things clean?  I love clean.  I hate making things clean.  It is a conundrum.

I never offer excuses to my pedicurist.  All the women in the shop I go to are Vietnamese and I am terrified to start a conversation with one of them because I find it hard to understand their English.  Nothing bumps up my pedicure-guilt like having to fillabuster my end of a conversation that I don’t understand.

At the moment, my house is in dire need of that clean and my toes are fire engine red.  I’m managing the angst.


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